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Castle and Chateau of Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov Castle and Chateau – a celebrity among Czech monuments With an area of over 6 hectares, it is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle, and in addition to Prague Castle, Lednice State Castle can compete with it in terms of visitors. Since 1992, this top visited South Bohemian sight is in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The chateau was founded by the Vítkovec family, significantly extended by the Rozmberks, for a short period it was a residency of the Eggenbergs and its final image as we know it was given to Chateau Český Krumlov under the administration of the Schwarzenbergs. Its ideal location on a steep rocky promontry and between two rivers helped to prevent it from plundering for a long time but unfortunately, as it was the case of the most castles, not for all time. Within the Thirty Years War, the castle was plundered three times. The following reconstruction of the original castle and town is admired by the whole world until nowadays.

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